As an acoustic duo
“Sferes & White” have
discovered an uncommon
synergy, blending clear and
luscious harmonies with
complex and imaginative
guitar playing.  Their
performances feature an
eclectic and soulful
combination of blues, roots
and rock.
Jimmy & Jennifer LIVE on A Prairie Home Companion; Photo by Tim Van Schmidt
Sferes & White's  CD
"The View from Here"
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order a copy!!
"With vocal harmonies that work
so well together it sounds almost
too good to be true..."
"...The View From Here has a
feeling of wide open plains and a
billion stars lighting the night."
~ Derek Blackmon,
"You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one."
~ John Lennon, from Imagine
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Sferes & White Studio Powered
by Renewable Energy
Sferes & White made the choice to purchase
enough non-polluting, renewable energy to
offset 100% of their electricity usage at home
and in the studio.    We feel that buying
Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) is
something we can all do to make a
difference, because every little bit helps.  
Contact us to find out how to power your own
home, business or venue with clean
sustainable energy.
Sferes & White
"Where Do We Go
From Here"
HERE to listen and
order a copy!!