Tribute to Jerry

I've had this thing running around in my head for a while, and when Jerry's birthday came around this last week, I was thinking about him and the generation he came from...the music he really liked...the stuff he loved to sing along with......and so, this little ditty came to mind!

Some songs may tell a whole story...this one is more of a snapshot!

I think he would've gotten a kick out of it!! I hope you do too!!






Hey girl wanna go to California
Where it's beautiful and warm all the time
Boston ain't got nothing for me now
New York's pretty much the same
We'll find our way, we'll have a good time
We'll find our fortune and fame in California

Hey girl let's drive to California
They got palm trees that sway and it's sunny every day
Well we ain't gonna take our time
No we ain't gonna drive too slow (No, No)
We'll put the top down and fly
Down that old highway we'll go

Yeah we'll fly tonight
Baby spread our wings and fly, yeah
We'll leave it all behind and fly, yeah

Hey girl let's make a life in California
We'll buy a house in the valley couple of kids playing in the yard
Well we'll learn how to take our time
We'll learn how to play the game
We'll go to the races on Saturday night
Everybody knows your name


Hey girl forty-two years in your love light
Meet me in heaven tonight
Everything will be alright

We miss you Jerry...