Host a House Concert

SFERES & WHITE'S LIVE performances feature an eclectic and soulful combination of blues, roots and rock.

Do you love acoustic music and spending time with your friends?  Why not combine the two?  If you have space in your house for 20-40 other music lovers then consider hosting a house concert this season.

House concerts provide an opportunity to enjoy live acoustic music in an intimate setting while you're surrounded by your favorite people.  Many hosts choose to begin the evening with a potluck and then at a specified time everyone takes their seats as the show begins.

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“It’s not just one element that makes Sferes and White performances special - it’s the whole package. Flawless harmony on the vocals, great guitar work, a steady infusion of wit and humor, and great songwriting/song selection. When you combine these with a good venue, as at our recent midsummer lawn concert, the sum total is magic!”
— Dave Wann, Harmony Village Cohousing Community, Golden, CO
“Having Sferes and White perform at our housewarming party was the perfect way to ‘ensoul’ our spaces with the music of fine artists. Talk about having ‘tunes’ at your party….nothing is finer than live acoustic music, especially the original compositions by local artists Jimmy and Jennifer! The interplay between performers and the audience was not only fun, but hilarious! The intimate setting allows the audience to experience the fine nuances of this genre, and the performers to experience the sweet and emotional responses to their craft. This was a special night for all of us!”
— Mark and Carma Feigal, North Boulder, CO