Interesting Things Happen on the Edges

Excellent Music, Useful Ideas, Good Humor

Eco-Tones shows provide a fun and interactive introduction to the kinds of information that can help all of us learn how to enjoy ourselves more AND be better stewards of the Earth.  Their performances are designed to educate, empower, inspire, and entertain.  And they're guaranteed to make you tap your toes and leave you feeling happy and hopeful about what you can do to
live and lead a good life. 

Concerts with a Conscience


“The playful soulful Eco-Tones awaken that wild spirit within – awaken that part of us that yearns to roll up our sleeves and heal this breathing planet… The Eco-Tones’ crafted rhythms and spoken word that inspired my activist friends toward greatness on behalf of earth.”
— Jim Merkel Founder of the Global Living Project Author of Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth

“When the Eco-Tones performed at Knox College as
part of Earth Week 2007, Jennifer and Jimmy’s great singing and guitar playing, engaging manner, and excellent visuals had the student audience clapping, singing and laughing right along at the same time they were learning how to do their part for Earth.”
— Tim Kasser, Ph.D. Author of The High Price of Materialism; Associate Professor of Psychology, Knox College

“Jimmy Sferes and Jennifer White’s Eco-Tones production is a multi-media feast for the eyes and ears. Blended with eco-friendly tones and thorough
information, the group makes learning how to save the planet fun. The beautiful slides and intertwined tunes, along with Jennifer’s easy solutions made me want to do more right away. Supplied with the right information, every person Sferes and White reach can begin changing the way they live making the world a better place for us all.”
— Janice Mason, Community Editor, Estes Park Trail-Gazette, Read more in her article "Balance of Nature"
“The Eco-Tones presentation was engaging and funny while at the same credible and serious… Their innovative approach to engaging citizens – presenting facts and interpreting science with a segue into toe-tapping music – keeps their message replaying in your mind long after the program is over.”
— Laura A. Alexander, Ph.D, Department of Environmental Studies Chair, Colby-Sawyer College
“It’s not just one element that makes Sferes and White performances special - it’s the whole package. Flawless harmony on the vocals, great guitar work, a steady infusion of wit and humor, and great songwriting/song selection… the sum total is magic!”
— Dave Wann, President, Sustainable Futures Society, Author of Simple Prosperity and Aflluenza

What's an Eco-Tone Anyhow?

The official definition of an "ecotone" according to Wikipedia "is the transition area between two ecological communities or ecosystems."  A shoreline is an example of an ecotone, as is the place where a forest and meadow meet.  These areas are often characterized by greater diversity where species from each community can interact.

We define our version of "Eco-Tones" as the place where our passions for music and the environment intersect.  In our performances we encourage a holistic approach to sustainability that weaves together elements that are typically kept separate: music and education, humor and substance, introspection and action, personal values and global impact.  

We also see our Eco-Tones performances as a chance to discover lifestyles and practices that support mutually beneficial interactions, forour ecosystems, for their multitude of inhabitants, and ourselves.  During our shows we also love to connect with our audience whenever possible and invite them to meet each other in an authentic and playful way.  By doing this we can create our own kind of ecotone.

“They’re fun and talented songwriters and performers with an impressive range of styles…Jennifer understands people… she approaches topics like sustainability and simple living from a holistic perspective and helps audiences look at their motivations and attitudes and the things that make them truly happy. She does all this while connecting to audiences in a very personal,
relaxed, and down-to-earth manner – and with a great sense of humor!”
— Barbara Stedman Co-Founder, Living Lightly Fair

There's music in the sighing of a reed;
There's music in the gushing of a rill;
There's music in all things, if men had ears:
Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.

-Lord Byron