Dedicated to David "Bucky" White

June 13, 1960 - June 19, 2015

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at the First Baptist Church on June 27th.

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The story of a song...

After hearing us perform David Cohen's song "Hallelujah" at the Andover Community Coffeehouse on May 15, 2015, Bucky had mentioned that he wanted us to sing that at his memorial service some day.  We all laughed together and promised that since Jimmy and I would be crying too hard to do much of anything at his service, let alone sing a song, that we'd record it and play it there if he really wanted that.  None of us expected that day to come so soon, and since we didn't have a recording of it already prepared we had a challenge before us.

Just three days after his passing, on what happened to be our eight year wedding anniversary, we headed into the studio to see if we could manage to get through the song without sobbing, (we were only partially successful in that regard.)  A few days later Jimmy mixed in the voices of my sister Edie (White) Peay and my sister-in-law Wendy White.  Below is the finished version.  
We hope you (and Bucky) enjoy it...

-Jenny (a.k.a. the "and White" from the sign on the barn)

Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen

Performed by: Sferes & White
Guitar: Jimmy Sferes
Lead Vocals: Jenny White
Background Vocals: Edie (White) Peay, Jimmy Sferes & Wendy White

Celebration of Life Program for David "Bucky" White, June 27, 2015 (front/backinside)
Reflections by White Family members: Ben White, Lindsay White, Edie White & Jenny White